Interview with Natasha Tiffany, MD (Part I)

Natasha Tiffany, MD, currently provides a range of cancer treatments to patients at Hematology Oncology of Salem in Salem, Oregon, where she has worked since 2004. We recently sat down with Dr. Tiffany to discuss her work and the types of cancer therapies she offers to patients.

Can you tell us a little bit about some of the research that you have conducted over the course of your career?
Natasha Tiffany, MD: Of course. For two years in the early 2000s, I worked with Dr. Tomasz Beer studying the effectiveness of two drugs, Zometa and Gleevec, on androgen-independent prostate cancer. With Dr. Beer, I have also published research on the effects of Docetaxel, Calcitriol, and Estramustine in androgen-independent prostate cancer. I have participated in the research of multiple myeloma, as well. My earlier research was in neurology, particularly looking at stroke and Parkinson’s disease.

You also have been involved in cancer research through other professional activities. Can you discuss some of those?
Natasha Tiffany, MD: At the Salem Cancer Institute, we are building our clinical trials program so we can offer cutting-edge treatments to patients that have not yet been FDA approved. I believe clinical research is vital to the future of cancer treatments, and it can offer important drugs that patients otherwise would not have been able to receive. We are hoping to have a clinical trial available for each of the major stages of most cancers so that we can offer these trials to those patients who are interested. I serve on the Board of Directors for Willamette Clinical Research and am a member of the Southwest Oncology Group, which designs and funds clinical trial.